Is Inadequate Mobile Testing Affecting your Business Plans and Strategies

Is Inadequate Mobile Testing Affecting your Business Plans and Strategies

5 April 2022

Digital evolution has spiked up in the last decade, leveraging the power of digitization to transform the standard of living and business outcomes. The success of digitization depends on flawlessly working software that offer seamless user experience, while software failures can shatter the business as a whole. Hence, software testing elevates business growth by improving quality, while saving up on time and cost.

With apps being more popular than ever before, organizations can thrive in the highly competitive market only by ensuring the quality of the developed apps is high. Effective testing will not just improve the app quality but also increase the business and improve the ROI metrics. Software testing is an important parameter that has been in the surge for mobile app development companies. Inadequate testing, on the other hand, can affect the business and lead to huge reputational and monetary losses.

Different business areas affected by inadequate mobile testing

No matter what product you are creating, good sales numbers can be achieved only when it is of superior quality. Mobile apps also succeed and get good download numbers when they are performing well. However, the quality of the app is not just linked with the user experience, but also connected to various business areas. The different business areas that are affected by inadequate mobile app testing are:

Application Development: Creating an innovative app that can do well in the market is an achievement considering today’s humongous mobile app market. Organizations tend to invest heavily in developmental procedures, techniques, tools, and resources. In spite of having the best idea, development team, and advanced technology, one can miserably fail due to inadequate testing. Mobile app testing is an essential part of the entire process without which the development process is incomplete. Hence, to yield the maximum results, one should strategize and execute an effective testing plan.

Business Objective: A well-planned business strategy includes a detailed roadmap to achieve the specified objective. When quality is not a part of the business plan, it can severely affect the objective giving rise to various issues. An application of inferior quality will lead users to look for competitors, incurring a huge reputational and financial loss to the organization. Hence, testing should be incorporated as an integral part of the business objective and focus should be laid on creating innovative apps that do not compromise on quality.

Marketing: A good marketing plan helps to create hype in the market and increases product sales. But no amount of effective marketing can keep pushing the product in the market if its quality is poor. The market value will eventually reduce when people understand that the product is a poorly performing piece wrapped in fancy marketing jargons and extravagant presentation. The same is true for mobiles apps too; hence, elaborate testing is required to ensure you get that million-plus downloads you desire. Contrarily, inadequate testing will lose users causing loss of time, money, effort, and reputation.

Finance: Each project has a specific budget within which the team operates; moving beyond the budget is an indication that the organization has to bear a financial loss. Financial parameters are critical and any affect on the finances will affect the business severely.

Inadequate mobile testing will not detect errors completely while releasing buggy apps in the market. Such apps will be disliked by the audience and will require major rework to identify and fix errors. Rework involves a significant amount of time, cost, and resource allocation. This situation will lead to investing a huge amount causing financial loss to the organization. Financial losses can be easily avoided by involving efficient app testing in the business planning stage.

Fast digital innovation in business: Organizations are adapting to digital platforms to keep the pace of digital transformation. The fast adaptation to digitalization requires extensive testing to ensure that the digital platform works without any technical glitches. Inadequate mobile testing will fail to understand the platform accuracy essential for a good QA practice. It will, in return, increase the cost, time, and effort to ensure the sustainability of the applications.

Operations: Business operations create and deliver products to the customers. It is impossible to offer a product to customers which has not passed the quality test. Inadequate mobile testing will only make the matter worst as it will not be able to validate and assure the quality of the applications. Business operations being a strong business vertical must be supported by quality tools and an expert team. They must remain compliant to all business guidelines and maximize ROI. Business operations cannot compromise on these aspects and need an adequate mobile testing process to speed up the market release, and reduce cost, time, and effort.

Business strategies failure due to inadequate mobile app testing

There have been innumerable scenarios that have highlighted the affects of inadequate mobile testing on the business. Business failures have been witnessed due to incompetent testing process; some of the major issues associated with the inefficiency of the testing process include:

Data loss: When an application undergoes an upgrade, there is a need to transfer data from one platform to another within the same domain. While migrating data, there is a possibility to lose data in the process. Testing helps to identify potential data loss and ascertains to avoid such scenarios; it also makes sure to protect sensitive, critical data and transfer them without any loss.

Performance failure: Performance failure in mobile applications may occur at peak hours due to high traffic. Performance testing helps to check the scalability of the application and prepare it to handle extreme load without crashing.

Network and connection issues: There are thirty mobile networks globally, which poses extreme challenges for the mobile manufacturing and app developing companies to build products that prove sustainability even during network and connection issues. The testing process allows the team to validate the products against network and connection issues.

Security issues: With the digital expansion, the mobile networks have also become diverse, connecting to multiple touchpoints. Mobile solutions pull data from various touchpoints, making them a soft target for hackers. Through security testing, the team ensures that different data source touchpoints do not affect the vulnerability of mobile devices, keeping them secured without loss of any potential data.

Usability issues: Keep all the other parameters aside, users feel more connected to the app when it offers easy navigation, great visual appeal, appropriate content, and interactive design. Hence, usability testing has to be prioritized to ensure the app connects with the audience and improves business.

Accessibility issues: Testing mobile accessibility can be extremely challenging and complex, considering the aspects that require a lot of customization to fit the requirements. A few of these aspects are large libraries, custom widgets, keyboard interfaces based on different operating systems and more. Mobile accessibility testing helps in all the customization and contributes a great deal in ensuring success.


Software testing is of high importance to streamline the process, improve quality, and uplift business. Most organizations have overlooked the significance of software testing and have faced the consequences. However, today organizations are aware of the quality standards and work towards creating software of higher quality. Quality has been one of the major criteria that users look for; unstable, constantly crashing apps are not something one would prefer.

As the emphasize on quality is rising, organizations are involved in advancing the testing process. New-gen testing solutions like codeless test automation, shift-left testing, Cloud-based testing, AI-powered testing, etc., are making their way into the market. Today, in addition to innovative ideas and advanced development environment, testing is also considered as one of the major parameters for the success of an app.


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