Web App Testing

A robust, well-defined end-to-end test automation solution for web applications, aimed at creating faster, accurate, and consistent results.




Web app deployment is a critical task that is subjected to various issues like frequent crashes, defective usability, broken links, and other potential risks. To address the challenges and improve the app quality, an elaborate testing process is the key.

Web app testing ensures the quality is improved and all the functionalities of the app work as expected. It detects all the underlying issues and makes sure the app works flawlessly.

Web app testing


Seamlessly Performing Web Apps

Quality of your app determines how well you connect with your audience! Tenjin Online tracks and automates your GUI testing to improve the quality of your web apps enabling frequent regressions to ensure any changes in the workflow doesn’t affect the outcome. It is a simple, low footprint, multi-lingual, easy-to-use SaaS-based platform that will help address and overcome the quality challenges.

Web App Testing Testing Techniques

Web Functional Testing

Web app testing includes testing the functional parameters to check the app's readiness, evaluate integration across platforms, and verify changes. It is either performed manually or by automating the process.

UI Testing

Unlike testing of mobile interface, web interface is a distinct approach. Web app UI testing is performed to analyze how the application responds to various web interfaces and identifies any underlying issues to refine the process.

Cross-browser testing

Web App is subjected to cross-browser testing to compare and evaluate the app behavior on different browsers. This approach helps to ensure the app performs well across any browser of the user's preference.

Web App Performance Testing

Web app performance testing is conducted to check the load the app can withstand. In addition to load, other performance parameters include stress and scalability, especially when the app is targeted to release for a wider audience base.


Why Choose Tenjin Online for Web App Testing?

Quality of your app determines how well you connect with your audience! The Tenjin Online team brings in wealth of knowledge and experience to improve the quality of your web application. We offer customizable solution to identify opportunities for improvement, address the quality challenges, and overcome them. With our modern technology and futuristic approach, you’ll be able to scale up your business in no time.

Tenjin Online’s web app testing solution is a simple process that carries out end-to-end testing with minimal human intervention. It speeds up testing process, offers accurate results, and helps grow your business by gaining customers’ trust.


Tenjin Online is designed impeccably to test web applications with utmost ease. It’s a simple platform that requires no coding skills, allowing even non-technical personnel to perform testing easily. It leverages the power of automation to ensure that the app performs as expected.

Cross-browser Testing

Unleashing the potential of exploratory testing, we test apps on different browsers and ensure its compatibility on different platforms. Integrated with device farms like Browser Stack and Sauce Labs, Tenjin Online gives access to test the app on a diverse range of real devices on Cloud.

Reduced Test Time

Tenjin Online helps users define common Application journey as reusable components that can be used across a variety of tests, thereby reducing test time. Codeless automation further lets you automatically discover elements in your Application, allowing you focus on the test planning, design, and data while building your tests.


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