API Testing

1 year ago

API Testing

API Testing

Like GUI testing, API testing is a key aspect of modern applications, Tenjin Online helps make API testing easier and efficient. 

Why Tenjin Online for API Testing?

Seamless API Test Execution

Tenjin Online is designed to seamlessly execute APIs, with a focus on SOAP and REST APIs. Whether you’re testing a single API or multiple APIs, you can rely on our platform to deliver consistent and accurate results. It also helps to test multiple APIs which are associated when one API is deployed.


Codeless Test Automation

Unlike other tools in the market, which require coding to carry out API response validation, Tenjin Online allows you to validate API response codelessly. This makes testing faster and more efficient, while reducing/eliminating the occurrence of errors.

Uninterrupted Work

Tenjin Online allows you to create test design for web, mobile (Android & iOS), and API, and generate a single report.

This is the first release of Tenjin Online’s API testing, we look at improving the ease and simplicity with which you can automate API testing.

Simplify API Testing

Experience short release cycles and frequent changes with uninterrupted test outputs.