Mobile App Testing

Driving digital transformation with powerful QA solutions is our passion. We help organizations to improve their mobile app quality by offering end-to-end, codeless test automation solutions.




Mobile app testing is performed to check if the apps for handheld devices are working as expected. It ensures to improve functionality and the overall quality of the app, while effectively engaging the users.

Apps working on Android phones may not necessarily work on iOS phones, hence, testing them on both of them are necessary to reduce potential risks and increase app retention rate.

Mobile app testing

Redefining Mobile App Testing

Our domain expertise combined with the powerful, codeless test automation platform, Tenjin Online, helps in creating flawlessly working apps. Its simple learning curve designed for non-programmers works on reduced skill dependencies without the need of people with Selenium or Appium skills, a non-programmer would suffice the role.

Types Of Mobile App Testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing of mobile apps is conducted to test UI elements, screen navigation, screen adaptation, and all other functions of the app. It also checks for compatibility, accessibility, and application under test.

Interrupt Testing

Interrupt testing is conducted to test all the possible interruptions in the functioning of the app. Some of the interruption testing parameters include checking incoming/ outgoing calls, messages, SMS, MMS, notifications, etc.

Operational Testing

Operational testing checks for changes in certain devices like Wi-Fi, battery backup, data cable connection, etc. This parameter indicates the app’s operational readiness.

Performance Testing

Performance testing of an app determines its behavior under different challenges such as poor network connectivity, low battery, etc.

Regression Testing

Regression testing checks whether the latest upgrades introduce any new bugs across the system. It is performed continuously to improve the app's functionality.

Security Testing

Security testing is performed to ensure complete security of the application under test (AUT) to prevent data leakage or other potential vulnerabilities.

Why Choose Tenjin Online for Mobile App Testing?

Tenjin Online ascertain users have a great experience engaging with the functional element of the app. Domain expertise combined with the powerful, codeless test automation platform helps in creating flawlessly working apps. From functional, UI testing to complete end-to-end mobile app testing, we have the potential and passion to handle it all. We constantly work towards a unified goal of creating extraordinary solutions to improve the application quality and drive your business growth.


Tenjin Online takes the hassle off dealing with Android and iOS complexities, as it is compatible with all devices, versions, browsers, and operating systems.

Intuitive & Self-Documenting

Tenjin Online allows you to easily automate actions by dynamically interacting with your application and documenting these steps in the process. 


Pre-integrated with device farms – BrowserStack and SauceLabs, Tenjin Online provides access to a wide range of real devices, browsers, emulators, and simulators. Its Cloud-based service gives you freedom to work remotely from anywhere, anytime.


Creating Technology Excellence, Every Time!

Our robust testing solutions help to detect even the slightest of error in your mobile application, ensuring a seamless customer experience.