Seamless Third-Party Integration

Easy and seamless integration of third-party software, designed exquisitely to fit into your ecosystem. 


Streamline and Automate Your Workflow

Enjoy a unified experience with real-time progress tracking, test management, defect tracking, and access to a diverse range of browsers, operating systems, and real devices with Tenjin Online’s pre-integrated systems.

Pre-integrated Systems


Tenjin Online is pre-integrated with BrowerStack that gives access to a wider range of browsers, operating systems, emulators, simulators, and real devices.


Device Farm integrations are important to efficiently perform testing on different devices/browsers/OSes. Tenjin Online is integrated with SauceLabs that cuts cost on setting up devices for testing.


Your Roadmap to Success!

Experienced and skilled QA analysts to help you achieve your business goals by offering comprehensive evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of your web/ mobile app.