Defect Management

Easily organize, efficiently track, and professionally manage all defects in a centralized location.



Track Defects with Ease!

We understand the complexities of tracking defects for larger projects, allocating tasks, closing issues, and checking status. To ensure you can track the defects easily in real-time, irrespective of the complexity of the workflow, we have redefined defect tracking with in-built third-party integration like JIRA. It allows teams to easily check the status of the defect and plan the testing process accordingly.

What You can Expect

JIRA Integration

Pre-integrated with JIRA, Tenjin Online provides a great way to manage defects. Creating, editing, tracking, and closing of any defect can be done quickly and efficiently.

Defect Tracking

Tenjin Online’s centralized defect tracking and management system allows you to monitor the status of the project. The number of closing defects indicates the nearing of project closure. This is an efficient way to monitor the project status.

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