What Is Web App Testing and How Tenjin Online Can Help?

What Is Web App Testing and How Tenjin Online Can Help?

2 August 2022

Web App testing is a complex task that will require the testers to evaluate the app’s performance across all browsers, platforms, and devices. Several testing factors are involved in testing web apps like integration, user acceptance, security, responsiveness, performance, etc., that must be checked thoroughly to ensure that no discrepancy arises when the user is operating it. Hence, web app testing strategy should be wisely planned and executed to get the desired outcome.

Web apps are ever evolving to diminish the gap between traditional web apps and native apps and offer a great user experience. The advanced form known as progressive web apps are already gaining popularity and referred to as the future of apps for the speed, security, responsiveness, and reliability they offer. The advanced web apps work on a few extra levels of development, hence, increasing the scope of testing too to ensure the apps are working as expected.

Organizations are laying special emphasize on testing these apps hosted on web to ascertain that all the features and functionalities are working as expected. In order to do so, various web app testing tools are considered, Tenjin Online is one such tool that helps organizations by offering efficient web app testing to help businesses achieve their desired quality goals. Let us understand more about web app testing and how Tenjin Online can help.

What is web app testing? What are the different techniques to perform it?

Web app testing, as the name suggests, is the process of testing apps that are hosted on web. Organizations need skilled testers and efficient test automation tools for performing web app testing and achieving quality at speed. As web apps include complex functional and non-functional layers that should be evaluated one by one to identify any bugs, testing becomes critical, and organizations have to deal with the quality issues with a well-planned strategy, efficient tools, and a skilled workforce.

Here are some of the key testing techniques that should not be missed while testing web apps:

Functional Testing: It is conducted to ensure that all the functions of the application are working fine without any glitches. Unique and seamlessly working functions retain existing users and attract new users too, whereas any glitch in the functions may lead to losing all of them, thereby affecting the business reputation and ROI.

Usability Testing: The main reason an app is created is to make it available for the users to enjoy its benefits, hence, its usability should be flawless to keep users engaged. Usability testing is one of the key testing parameters for web apps.

UI testing: Web UI is different from that of mobile devices; hence, a customized UI testing plan should be implemented to test web apps. Testing should be carried out to understand how the individual components behave on different web browsers, if it interacts with server properly and executes well, and possesses good visual appeal and user experience.

Compatibility testing: Like mobile apps which have to be tested across a diverse range of devices to check their compatibility, web apps should also be tested across different browsers, operating systems, mobile browsers, and platforms to ensure the web app is also compatible across all the platforms.

Performance testing: Performance should be incorporated to test the app’s responsiveness and scalability under extreme load scenarios. It is performed to check whether the app is able to scale up and perform smoothly even during high traffic.

Security testing: Web apps, like mobile apps, involve sensitive user data which must be secured. Hence, web apps must be subjected to strict security testing to secure the user data and protect the app from malicious attacks.

Above-mentioned are the popular tests that should be conducted for web app to ensure it is working as expected.

Tenjin Online for web app testing

Tenjin Online offers robust solutions to test web applications, evaluating its complex layers to ensure you get the expected outcome. The solutions are customized to identify opportunities for improvement, address the quality challenges, and overcome them, thereby creating high-quality apps. With our modern technology and futuristic approach, you’ll be able to scale up your business in no time.

Tenjin Online’s web app testing solution is a simple process that carries out end-to-end testing with minimal human intervention. It speeds up testing process, offers accurate results, and helps grow your business by gaining customers’ trust.

Here are some unique features of Tenjin Online for testing web apps:

Simplicity: Tenjin Online is one of the simplest and easy-to-use tools available to perform web app testing. It doesn’t require any coding skills, allowing even non-technical team members to execute tests with ease.

Functional testing: Tenjin Online has been designed impeccably to test the functionalities of web applications. We leverage the expertise of our team and the huge test repository we have built over time to provide a seamless testing experience and create web applications of higher quality.

UI testing: Unlike testing of mobile interface, web interface is a distinct approach, and Tenjin Online has nailed the difference by creating unique UI testing solutions for UI testing. It analyzes how the application responds on various web interfaces and identifies any underlying issues to refine the process.

Cross-browser testing: Tenjin Online is pre-integrated with device farms like BrowserStack and SauceLabs, giving access to a diverse range of browsers, devices, and platforms. Cross-browser testing can be conveniently carried out on all browser or devices on Cloud.

Reduced test time: Tenjin Online has been tested over 200+ categories and have been proven successful with nearly 75% reduced time and cost. Further, codeless test automation enables automatic discovery of elements, letting the testers to focus on test planning, design, and report analysis.

Tenjin Online eases the complexity of web app testing to deliver high-quality web applications quickly, especially when your products must undergo extensive testing as part of the release process. It is a SaaS-based, codeless test automation platform that offers easy and efficient defect management; it is pre-integrated with device farms to give access to a wide range of devices on Cloud. It’s a simple and efficient tool available in the affordable price bracket and is definitely worth a try!


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