Minimizing Cross-Browser Errors with Tenjin Online

Minimizing Cross-Browser Errors with Tenjin Online

2 June 2022

Cross-browser testing verifies the app’s performance across different browsers and checks if it’s working as expected. Web apps are popularly used by businesses to achieve a competitive edge. With this popularity of web apps, testing them on different browsers is important to check their behavior across all of them. Each browser will read and interpret codes in different ways, and the app behavior will change accordingly. To prevent the issues arising from the way app behaves across different browsers, cross-browser testing is implemented. 

Cross-browser testing is a complex task that will involve testing on various browsers, failing which the app will behave differently on different browsers, making it lose its reliability and will not be liked by the masses. Testing cross-browser errors manually is a highly tedious task and may not give accurate results. Hence, automation becomes important to get expected results.

When automating cross-browser testing, choosing the right test automation tool is critical. Tenjin Online is one such tool that can help you test apps for cross-browser errors and create reliable apps. Let us understand how Tenjin Online helps reduce cross-browser errors.

What is Tenjin Online and why should you include it in your testing journey?

Tenjin Online is a self-serviced, multi-tenant, codeless test automation solution for apps which supports web, Android, and iOS. It’s a SaaS-based platform that allows users to test the app remotely. It does not need installation assistance or support from the expert core group and allows the users to test the application by scanning automatically through screen-by-screen without manual intervention.

Tenjin Online is a solution that allows users to test the application as they build. With multiple usability features and functionalities, the platform does not require critical configuration and assures testing applications anytime and anywhere. It has integrations with BrowserStack and is expanding to other devices as Cloud providers are giving it access to a wide variety of devices and browsers.

Why choose Tenjin Online?

  • Quick & efficient independent test platform
  • End-to-end testing lifecycle management
  • Manual & Automation Test execution
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Easy automation of functional and UI test
  • Test as you build, reduces testing time & cost up to 75%
  • Defect tracking & management
  • Compatible with Android & iOS devices

Cross-browser testing with Tenjin Online

There are 3 predominantly used web browsers worldwide – Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Tenjin Online covers testing across all these browsers efficiently to ensure there are no cross-browser errors arising and enable an enjoyable experience on the users’ favorite browser.

Tenjin Online allows to run the same test in these browsers, hence, reducing the time and effort spent by three individuals working on it. Since the process is automated, accuracy and optimal results are guaranteed.

Here, tests are executed to check how it behaves functionally on these browsers, if the test is passed the app is either sent to test other parameters or moved to delivery; in the event the test fails, it is again sent back to the developers to fix the errors and tested again to check if it passes. The automated approach makes the whole process easy.

There are different versions of the browsers, and they are continually upgrading to offer a great user experience. The number of versions is high, example, Chrome has 90+ versions, Firefox has 19 versions, etc., and testing app across all the versions could be tedious and time-consuming. As most of the browsers get upgraded and run on the latest version, testing only on the highest version would suffice. The browsers should be upgraded or degraded to the version that has to be tested and testing can be carried out easily to get accurate results.

Tenjin Online allows easy three-step process to complete cross-browser testing – upgrading/ downgrading the browser to the required version, execute the test and check it passes or fails, if fails, repeat the process. This is the easiest and efficient way to perform cross-browser testing.


Cross-browser testing is an important parameter to consider while testing web applications. As web should be compatible across all browsers and platforms to offer a seamless user experience, cross-browser testing becomes essential. It improves app’s reliability which will eventually increase the number of users and ROI.


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