How to Set up Tenjin Online?

How to Set up Tenjin Online?

3 May 2022

How to Set up Tenjin Online?

The market is flooded with a wide variety of test automation tools promoted with fancy jargon to increase sales. It is essential to choose the right one based on your requirements, not all tools will offer all the solutions you are looking for. Presenting Tenjin Online, the new-age test automation solution that offers efficient end-to-end test automation solutions for web and mobile apps.

Tenjin Online is one of the simplest tools you will ever come across to test web and mobile apps, its easy-to-use interface and minimal human intervention makes it suitable for all kinds of projects. The customizable and streamlined testing approach makes the app testing process a breeze. All you need is to set up the process, the rest will be taken care of.

Why choose Tenjin Online?

Tenjin Online is a test automation platform that offers testing solutions for web, Android, and iOS applications. Its quick and independent approach makes it the preferred choice for organizations to shorten the test cycles and reduce turnaround time. It is capable of carrying out testing both by manual and automated execution and doesn’t need any technical skills to operate. Its test as you build ability reduces testing time and cost up to 75%.

The comprehensive end-to-end lifecycle management ensures that the application flow works as expected. Its easy automation of functional and UI tests determines that all the functionalities are working as expected while the visual appeal and navigation are flawless. The easy project management allows customizing your work with easy team management, project management, application tracking, progress tracking, and user management. Further, third-party software integration like JIRA makes defect tracking and management easy and streamlined.

Getting started with Tenjin Online

Tenjin Online is a simple and self-explanatory test automation platform that allows even a non-technical person to use it with utmost ease. All you need is a stable internet connection and the Tenjin Agent installed, and you are ready to start!

Before starting with Tenjin Online, it is important to understand its general setup and functions. Get familiar with Tenjin Online environment depicted below.

To start with Tenjin Online, register with the link –, and fill in all the mandatory details.

When you launch the application, the following screen will be displayed.

While starting with Tenjin Online every time, make sure the Tenjin Agent is running.

Agent is a workstation or client machine that would interface with the device and the application under test. The agent’s name would typically be the name of your machine. The Tenjin Agent can be activated by starting the Tenjin Agent EXE File on your machine.

Once you register to Tenjin Online, you can login in with the username and password; the first-time login will require you to change the password. Once you have successfully logged in, the default dashboard of the project will appear as shown below.

To start using Tenjin Online, you have to define a user role to each member of the team to decide to what extend access they should be given. Tenjin Online supports two user roles – Administrator and Tester.


  • Gets access to configurations
  • Gets access to Tenjin Online User administration
  • Most suitable for Project/ Team Management members
  • Restricts access to this role to selected users for consistent Test Automation Environment


  • Gets access to perform all the functions that a testing team member is required to perform i.e., creation of test cases, execution of test cases, upload of test data, review of test results, multiple runs etc.
  • This role is most suitable for all team members who form a part of the Automation Testing team

Once signed into Tenjin Online, click on the grid on top-right and click on applications and register app.

You can setup mobile test automation for web, Android, and iOS apps based on your preferences. Select the type of app you are going to test from the below interface.

Android test automation page would look as shown below. Fill in all the mandatory details and get started with execution.

The iOS page can be depicted as below, fill in all the mandatory fields and get started with.

Web application creation interface is similar to mobile interface with a slight variation. Fill in the details and setup the web app testing process.

This summarizes the initial setup of Tenjin Online. Isn’t that an easy and self-explanatory process? We have successfully highlighted the setup of application for web, Android, and iOS; once the setup is complete, you can get started with test execution.

Here’s a flowchart summarizing how to set-up Tenjin Online.

Tenjin Online is one of the simplest, easiest, effective, and cost-efficient solution you should include in your testing journey. Because, quality is the key to gain more number of users and achieve a higher ROI, which in turn will build you brand and establish yourselves as one of the top organizations.


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