How Tenjin Online Improves App Quality Across Industries?

How Tenjin Online Improves App Quality Across Industries?

9 August 2022

Apps’ has been the most potent buzzword of the last decade, attracting a wide range of smartphone users for the incredible features and convenience they offer. Today, there are about 4.83 million apps combined on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The increasing number of users have raised emphasize on app quality to retain these users and attract prospects to leverage maximum potential of the app market. However, app testing is not uniform across all industries, the different utilities of different sectors make testing approach different. Hence, using the same testing approach for apps of different industries may prove inefficient.

Let us take two different app categories to understand the difference in testing approach – Amazon and Minecraft. Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce site, while Minecraft is the most downloaded gaming series. The shopping site should have an efficient search, easy navigation, able to add items to the cart, easy check out, should link to payment gateways, etc. With its worldwide monthly users of 200 million and about 12 million products listed, the test automation tool should scale to withstand the high traffic and offer uninterrupted services.

Further, it’s linked to users’ sensitive information like bank details, UPI IDs, phone numbers, residential addresses etc., which should be completely secured to safeguard the user data from any kind of malicious attack. On contrary, gaming apps like Minecraft doesn’t ask for any user information, whereas it deals with nearly 3.6 million daily users, making it important to test the app’s responsiveness under this heavy load, it also should offer interesting features to keep the users engaged. These examples clearly explain why apps of different categories need a different testing approach.

Tenjin Online is a test automation platform for web, Android, and iOS apps that has been tested and proven successful over 250+ apps of different categories. This statistics proves that Tenjin Online is a reliable platform to test app quality across different categories. It offers unmatchable functional, UI, and cross-browser testing that will ensure that your app functions well across all devices, browsers, and platforms. Further integrated with Device Farms like BrowserStack and SauceLabs, it provides access to a wide range of platforms that can be easily accessed on Cloud. Let’s understand the difference in app testing across industries and how Tenjin Online can help.

App quality testing across industries and how Tenjin Online can help?

Apps across industries have different utilities, hence, the testing approach should be personalized. There are about 32 app categories on Google Play Store and 24 on Apple Store, which can be further listed under six major categories namely:

  • Lifestyle apps
  • Social media apps
  • Educational apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Gaming apps

Let’s understand the build, utility, and testing approach of each app and how Tenjin Online can help.

Lifestyle apps

Lifestyle apps are apps that are designed to improve the quality of life. This category includes online shopping, healthcare, dating apps, travel apps, etc. To describe the testing scenario of lifestyle apps, let’s take an example of healthcare applications.

Healthcare apps are popularly used to book appointments, online consultations, track appointments, access to reports, 24/7 service, patient recovery progress, secured payment options, order medicines, and so on. As the crowd using healthcare apps include a wide demographics, it should have a simple and self-explanatory design with minimalistic features making it easy for everyone to use.

Tenjin Online efficiently moves screen by screen to check for any functionality or UI error. It ensures that the app is performing as expected and any discrepancy arising is fixed before it causes any havoc in the system. Further, healthcare apps can be used on web, Android, or iOS platforms, for which Tenjin Online carries out individual testing on all the platforms and also carries out cross-platform testing to check its compatibility across devices, browsers, and platforms.

Other lifestyle apps like travel app, fitness app, dating app, food ordering app etc also require seamlessly working UI and functionalities to ensure that bookings, calorie tracking, profile search, food ordering, etc, happens without any hitch. Tenjin Online with its truly codeless approach removes the hassle of testing these apps by removing human intervention.

Social media apps

Everyone is crazy about the social networking apps available today. It’s fun using them for the wide range of interesting options they offer like social sharing, networking, direct engagement, group messaging, etc. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are the most downloaded apps for the interactive and enjoyable experience they offer. Facebook alone has one billion active users which accounts for near 1/8th of the world’s population. With the increasing craze about social media like never before, organizations are put under immense pressure to test these apps and release zero-error versions to provide an enjoyable experience to the users.

To ensure effective and efficient working of the social media apps, it has to be tested before the release of every upgrade. Tenjin Online helps in testing the most responsive web versions and frequently changing mobile versions of these apps. As most social media apps are built on SaaS models, the SaaS-based testing approach of Tenjin Online easily aligns with their built and validates the proper functioning of social apps. Further, it tests the user-friendly nature of the social apps (which is their main USP) with user acceptance testing and performs daily regressions to check if the app is working fine irrespective of any code change.

Social apps are used on a wide range of browsers, devices, and platforms as per user preferences. Hence, Tenjin Online performs cross-platform testing to ensure the compatibility of these apps over a diverse range of platforms.

Educational apps

Educational apps is the category that includes informative apps intended to educate and provide information. This category includes news apps, kids’ classes, language learning apps, etc. Apps like Byju’s, Duolingo, Buzzfeed, and CNN News are used by millions to get more insights in a fun and interactive manner.

Educational apps should be simple and have a great graphical user interface to make the information easily accessible in a self-explanatory way. Educational apps should have all the functionalities working flawless, the audio and video should work as expected, all buttons on the UI should perform required actions, progress should be marked, user experience should be seamless, and the app should be compatible with all digital devices. Tenjin Online ensures that all the functionalities are working as expected, its user-acceptance testing will test for the user experience, and the constant updates of the educational apps will be tested by Tenjin Online’s frequent regressions.

Educational apps are used by varied demographic on various devices, hence, Tenjin Online has pre-integrated device farms to test the app on different browsers, devices, and platforms accessed on Cloud.

Productivity apps

Productivity apps are used for business purposes to organize, track, and manage tasks. Some of the popular apps of this category includes Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, etc.

Testing of productivity apps is complex which involves testing the functionalities, user experience, regular updates, real-time Cloud sync, and application flow. Tenjin Online tests app for user acceptance, regularly performs regression testing to check how any upgrade changing is not creating any issue, and complete functionality testing to check all the functionality of the app is working as expected.

Entertainment apps

Entertainment apps, as the name suggests are used solely for the purpose of keeping oneself entertained. These apps can be displayed in text, audio, or video format. Kindle, Spotify, and Netflix are popular entertainment apps. Entertainment apps are the most popularly apps used by a large crowd worldwide, hence, testing should be conducted thoroughly in order to create flawlessly working apps and cater to the wider range of audience.

Tenjin Online tests the app to evaluates its features, inspects whether the UI components like buttons, links, checkboxes, forms are working fine, and the app passes user acceptance testing.

Gaming apps

Gaming apps are the most loved category by the teenage and young crowd! There interactive interface, high graphic experience, and exciting game levels keep the users engaged to the app for hours. Games like PUBG, Candy Crush, Among Us, etc., have loyal fanbase with billions of downloads and active users. Candy Crush alone has 2.73 billion downloads and preferred for the fun levels they offer.

Testing of gaming apps involve checking a lot of attributes like functional buttons, zoom in – zoom out, game flow, music, camera, gaming rules, player moments, special effects, texts, vibration, gamepad, etc. A thorough interface, user acceptance, regression, and other functional testing parameter which can be seamlessly performed by Tenjin Online’s truly codeless test automation without any human intervention.


With this article it is clear that testing apps differ across categories and a well-planned strategy should be implemented based on the app that is being tested. Tenjin Online is an efficient test automation platform for testing web, Android, and iOS apps with minimal human intervention. Tenjin Online is a SaaS-based, codeless test automation platform that doesn’t require any technical skills to operate. It is uniquely designed to test the complex and frequently changing functionalities and UI of the highly dynamic app ecosystem. It is the most affordable app testing platform, available on monthly subscription basis. You can avail a free trial too, write to us for more details.


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