9 Benefits of Codeless Test Automation

9 Benefits of Codeless Test Automation

12 April 2021

“Revolutionary innovation” in technology is what the past two decades have been about. In every critical sector, automation of tech has played a huge role in development, be it manufacturing companies, banking and finance, or web and mobile application development. Things started flowing as soon as Selenium, a tool for automation, was launched in 2004. However, automation of tests was not feasible or practical at the time, as writing codes manually each time was tedious. It could be seen that not every tester could do the task of expert programming. With this realization, codeless automated tests were introduced.

Codeless/no-code test automation means automating your tasks or tests without coding.
With click testing, you just need to go through the process you’d like to feed in the tool
and later repeat, and voila, the tool does all the work of coding for you, but from
behind-the-scenes. Codeless automation tools help you minimize the effort you put in to
set up a repeated process for the release cycle. Here are some in-detail benefits and
functions of a codeless test automation tool :


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